ECLB Organogram


Overall responsibilities for Academic and Admin matters, including quality assurance, policy making, finance, liaise with External reference Points.

Director of Studies

All academic matters including teaching & learning, exam, assessment, IV, EV and related matters. Programme Leaders: To ensure a quality delivery of the programmes as per the requirement of the Awarding Organisations, including teaching, learning, assessment.


Overall administrative matters including day to day administration, attendance, performance and related issues. Community Support & Alumni Officer: Support local community who are disadvantaged and liaise with ECLB Alumni to obtain their progression and employability status.


Provide course introduction, lectures, prepare scheme of work, lesson plans, tutorials, one to one support, career advice and information and guidance.


Assess learner work to grade their work for Pass, Merit or Distinction following the Assessment and Verification Policy and provide feedback to the learners.

Internal Verifier

Verify assessors’ work to justify that the assessors has assessed the learners’ work accurately and provide constructive feedback